Taimie Hannum

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Also known as:Taimie Lynn HannumTaimie Lyn Hannum
Taimie Hannum
United States
Date of birth:
15 October 1968
Career status:
Cup size:
Has implants:
Bust size:
Waist size:
Hip size:
173 cm (5.7 feet)
54 kg (119.0 lbs)
Typical hair color:
Eyes color:

Additional information

Stunner centerfold from United States with quite big boobs (cup size is "D" without implants) was born in 15 October 1968. She has really nice brown eyes and brown hair.

And yes, she is still in profession. So, you can wait new videos with "Taimie Hannum" at the nearest future!

"I'm sure you might wonder exactly how my name is pronounced. It is said just like Jaimie with a "T". Or like most like to say " Tame Me ?"Which could explain me a little better! I was born on October 15th. On an Army Base in Ft. Polk Louisiana. Very short after that we moved back to Mesa Arizona where my family is. I've been grateful to have had such a great life. When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was dance! I was in ballet, tap, gymnastics, hula ! I was always the teachers pet even through high school where my dance instructor inspired me to join the Phoenix Jazz Company. I also studied Drama getting most of the lead's in all of the school plays. In both cases I took so many classes I had to become a teachers aide just because I had already accelerated the courses. I came to LA with a friend on a weekend trip in 1990 and fell in love! ( With The City Of Angels! ) I gave up my house in Paradise Valley and found an apartment in the middle of Hollywood. Since I loved to dance I took a job at The Hollywood Tropicana ( Yes !! I was a blonde !! ) and from then on I guess you could say the "Bad Girl" side of me really took over! Not to imply that I'm not a good person, I just have a zest for life and I like to live it! After that I dated Rock Stars and hung out at parties with all of the big shots. I love to sit and watch people and I got to see allot! After that I got an offer to go to Japan and model, which was one of the most exciting and growing experiences of my life. I then moved to New York living in the upper-east side and tried to make a go of it . But paying four times the rent that I'm used to - I finally got a cab - jumped in it and moved to Beverly. (Beverly Hills that is !!!) Swimming pools & movie stars ! I just missed LA too much. I came back and started to consider what I was going to do with my future. So I started taking acting classes and hit the road with my Thomas guide and Chocolate ice coffee. For a while when people asked me what I do I said "I Audition !" I have been fortunate in getting roles in movies (look in my movie guide) and been working steadily. I have always had big dreams and am working hard to make them come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lots of Love, Taimie

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