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Last Modified: August 24, 2018

Our audience

Our average monthly audience for the moment is nearly 100 000 unique users per month. We work hard to increase it.


Country% of audience
United States~60%
United Kingdom~10%


Age% of audience


Gender% of audience

Advertisement types

We have several options to help you to promote your site/product/etc on sponsored compilation, media banners, seo-links and other. You can choose all of them or just one option.

Sponsored compilation

Our team creates compilations of porn stars and adult models who look alike to celebrities. There is an example of such compilation — Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) look alike porn stars and doppelgangers or Scarlett Johansson look alike porn clones. This type of content are popular in the internet (more than 100 000 requests per month for such requests), you can find a lot of lists/compilations with the same topic — look alike porn stars.

Our compilations have quite good positions (at the first page) in Google, Bing and other search engines, so, this type of advertisement might be really interesting for you.

We can add a link (which will be indexed) to your site with some description and logo to new compilation. It will be look like you are a sponsor of current compilation. And your link will be there forever.

Media advertisement

We have several places for banners on

  • Inside search results by query (on the 4 and 9 position)
  • In search results by photo (after the second and the seventh result)
  • Banner after search results

You can choose any place.

Banner sizes: 500x250px for search by query results and 1200x350px for banner under search results and search by photo results.

Seo links

This option is experimental. We do not have any seo links yet, but we can create an additional page with a link to your site.

Also, you can buy a link from footer (with small logo with 36x36px dimensions)

By the way, we are opened for new ideas. So, if you have some thoughts, how to promote yourself on — you are welcome to share it with us :) Just fill the form below and we will contact with you as soon as possible.

So, make an order!

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