Diana Cu De Melancia

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Diana Cu De Melancia
Porn Star
Date of birth:
11 th 1993
Career status:
Career start:
Cup size:
Has implants:
152 cm (5.0 feet)
53 kg (116.8 lbs)
Typical hair color:
Eyes color:

Additional information

Diana Cu de Melancia is a pornstar from the European country of Portugal. Shes one of our verified performers who uploads her own videos to her page right here on Pornhub, sothat you can watch them for free. Diana is known for having the "ass of watermelon," which is what Cu de Melancia means. An awkward translation from Portuguese, yes, but she really does have a beautiful big butt. Her career actually started with Pornhub when she and her boyfriend at the time decided to upload an anal sex video to our site. Everyone loved it and it got so many views that agents wanted to hire her, and she became an international porno sensation! Initially Diana wore a mask to hide her identity, but now she wears it as her signature so everyone knows who she is. Her goal in the porn biz is to make movies that turn people on, and to show people that anyone whos sexy and has a camera can become a pornstar. She hopes to inspire people to become their own porno fantasies. She has already won some awards right here on Pornhub, including Best Breakthrough Actress of the Year in 2014, and The Pop Star award in 2015, due to her popularity on social media.Diana is one of the only pornstars whos so hot that shes been able to make her whole career while wearing a mask, for the most part. She says it creates mystery and allure, without giving away her whole package. It draws people to her because they want to know who she is behind the mask. She even wears a mask when giving mainstream interviews about her pornstar life. As a Portuguese chick she doesnt speak much English, but I guess she doesnt really need to – her gorgeous ass does the talking for her!

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