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United States
Porn star
Date of birth:
22 December 1987
Career status:
Cup size:
Has implants:
157 cm (5.2 feet)
57 kg (125.7 lbs)
Typical hair color:
Eyes color:
Dark Brown

Additional information

Dredd is a talented actress who has managed to captivate her followers on both social networks and on the big screen. With a great legion of subscribers on different platforms, its popularity remains constantly growth.

Dredd is a renowned actress in the entertainment industry. With a remarkable career in the world of cinema and television, it has demonstrated its interpretive versatility in various cinematographic genres. His charisma and talent have granted him an outstanding position in the industry, consolidating himself as a relevant figure in the acting field.

Born with an innate gift for acting, Dredd began his career in the entertainment world from a young age. Her determination and perseverance led her to obtain recognition in the theatrical field, which opened the doors for her incursion into cinema and television.

With a unique style and a great ability to give life to each character he interprets, Dredd has captivated audiences around the world. His passion for scenic art is reflected in each of his projects, managing to transmit emotions and connect with the public deeply.

Thanks to its commitment and dedication, Dredd has managed to accumulate an impressive number of subscribers in their social networks. His proximity to his fans and his constant online interaction have strengthened their link with them, who support her at every step of her career.

Dredd continues to challenge herself in search of new artistic challenges, demonstrating her versatility and adaptation capacity in each project in which she participates. Her talent and popularity make her an outstanding actress in the industry and a figure admired by her followers.

Without a doubt, Dredd's trajectory and his influence on social networks are a reflection of his dedication, talent and love that he has conquered throughout his career. His future in the world of entertainment promises to be even brighter, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and in the heart of his fans.

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