Salma Hayek look alike porn stars and doppelgangers

Salma Hayek Pinault
Salma Hayek Pinault (Hayek Jiménez) is a Mexican and American film actress, producer, and former model. She is 51, but still super hot! We all remember her fantastic dance with snake. Many guys almost tore their pants then ;) And it is not only one hot scene with her. But, she has never been nude. So, FindPornFace team collected a list of Porn stars and Adult models who are look alike to Salma Hayek by using our face recognition API and search by face engine. Enjoy ;)

Similar Porn Stars and Adult models:

Cassandra Dawn
Similarity: 89%
Realy close match to young Salma. But it does not mean, Salma Hayek today is old and not sexy! She is the super hot celebrity!
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Jasmine Fernandez
Similarity: 86%
This babe from USA, but looks like Spain woman.
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Helena Danae
Similarity: 84%
Helena Danae is from Mexico like Salma Hayek. By the way, she has the same beautiful tits :)
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Kylie Morgan
Similarity: 70%
We do not know, what is the reason, that Kylie Morgan is here... But yes, there is something in it.
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Katarina Sidney
Similarity: 67%
She has not such bit tits but her eyes! They are look really close to eyes of Salma Hayek.
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